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Sebri Bookclub Rating 5.0 Stars- Excellent True Story, October 12, 2010

Wanted by Dane Batty is the true story of gentleman bank robber Leslie Ibsen Rogge.  This was an extremely enjoyable read loaded with interesting facts and details that literally made it difficult to put down.  This author did an excellent job of telling a fascinating story, that was very entertaining.  I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more from Dane Batty.  It is available on Amazon.

Sebri Bookclub Rating 4.0 Stars-
Titillating Read, October 12, 2010

Chante’s Song by Donneil D.  Jackson is the story of a woman who is in love with a man that will move heaven and earth to meet her every whim.  The only thing Jason won’t provide for her is faithfulness.  Eventually this takes a toll on Chante and she walks, but can’t seem to stop looking back.  She goes through numerous, meaningless, torrid affairs and finally meets someone that she feels is the ‘one’.  She finds herself in the predicament of choosing between  to her true love Jason or risking it all on a new love.  Chante’s Song was a very good read that could definitely be improved upon with better editing.  It is available on Amazon.

Sebri Bookclub Rating 3.0 Stars-
Interesting Plot, September 27, 2010
Covenant of Lies, The Revealed Truth, by Holly Spence revolved around a fantastic plot with interesting and creative characters.  I found it to be an entertaining and well thought through book that touched on many of life’s everday issues.  I feel however that it was void of descriptions and rushed.  I feel that overall if the author would have been more descriptive in placing the reader in each setting and giving the essence of the characters emotions, it would have been more enjoyable.  I think if was a good plot but the author didn’t draw me into the book to get a full experience.  I do see lots of potential from Holly Spence and am honored to take part in her literary growth.  I am confident that she will do great things in the literary industry.  Covenant of Lies, The Revealed Truth is available on Amazon.

Sebri Bookclub Rating 5.0 Stars-Fantastically Suspenseful Romance. September 28, 2010

Black Jack by Jean Holloway is the story of Detective Shevaughn Robinson of the Portsborough Police Department.  She has an excellent record and impeccable reputation of always catching her bad guy.  She runs into the possibility of tarnishing her golden record when Portsborough finds itself dealing with a serial killer on the loose.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as the story and characters actions and motives unfold.  Black Jack is an excellent second book from this talented author that is sure to entertain and excite the senses.  I highly recommend Black Jack by Jean Holloway.  It is available on Amazon.

Sebri Bookclub Rating 5.0 Stars- Enlightening Inspirational Christian Handbook, September 28, 2010
LIFE- Living In Fullness Everyday, An Audience of One, Lost and Found and  Living Righteous, are delightful Christian readings by Ken Jackson.  Taking the time out to read these wonderfully well written and documented books will give you a huge dose of religious foundation to work from.  For Christians needing words of knowledge and encouragement in their religious walk or those new in Christ.  You will all get what’s needed to continue your journey.  I highly recommend these wonderful books from author Ken Jackson and look forward to more inspirational reads from this dynamic man of God.

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Sebri Bookclub Rating: 4.5 – An Entertaining & Educational Journey, September 16, 2010

The main character in this book Kayin, is an extremely gullible college student in Oklahoma who has lived a productive life even at his young age of 21.  He has never been involved in any criminal or negative activities that his cousin has embarked on.  He already has a very negative opinion of whites in Oklahoma and has never had any contact or relations with the white citizens of Oklahoma
His life and plans for his future are railroaded when he gives his cousin a ride.  Without giving too much of the story away, drugs are found during a traffic stop. 
Bowens uses a very creative style of writing by taking the reader on a journey through the past and the present.  The story journeys back and forth from historical experiences of African-Americans to Kayin's present situation.  The result is the reader getting a good dose of black history ( including slavery, segregation, and the prison system) and an entertaining and heartfelt dramatic read.  The Education of Black Dickey is available on Amazon.

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Sebri Bookclub Rating 4.0, September 5, 2010

In this novel, author Holly Spence tells the story of everyday individuals and the problems and heartache they encounter. The situations that the characters find themselves in are unimaginable, but believable and real. Some may find themselves judging the characters while others may sympathize. In any case it tugs at your emotions and causes one to really ponder the consequences of following temptation.

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Sebri Bookclub Rating 4.0 Entertaining Read, September 4, 2010 

 In WE BELONG TOGETHER, Sandy was totally brain washed by her mentally disturbed grandmother. Her grandmother has her convinced that she will marry Makai Wilson. Makai is her best friends husband and a real ladies man who cheats on his wife constantly. She has mental issues of her own and has it in her mind that she will have him to herself one day. There are numerous twists and turns in this whodunit that will definitely keep you turning the pages.
In WE BELONG TOGETHER, Barbara Grovner grabs your attention from the first page with a fast moving plot and scenarios that are quite shocking. There were some editing issues and points of view became shifty and confusing towards the end of the book. Other than these minor issues, I strongly recommend this book and look forward to more from this author.   We Belong Together is  available on Amazon.

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